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Cost of All On 4 Dental Implants San Diego

We currently have an All on 4 Dental Implants Special
Offer for $18,000.00 : Cash, Check or Credit Cards Only.
No Extended Credit Line

Single Dental Implant Specials for first time patients
Offer for $1,800.00 each : Cash, Check or Credit Cards Only.
No Extended Credit Line

Just like the person who wears them, no two dental implants are alike. The cost of your dental implants will vary depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, the treatments needed for your procedure, and the number of dental visits you require.

In order to assess the costs, we will first evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums through a dental exam before prescribing a treatment plan for your unique situation. Your treatment plan will outline the estimated number of appointments that will be required, as well as the costs of each treatment procedure. If there are any anticipated changes to the process, you will be the first to know!

Dental implant treatments are a more permanent solution to healthy, natural teeth compared to other dental restoration treatments available. While it is the next best thing to having your natural, healthy teeth again, the cost for treatment is generally no more than other teeth replacement solutions, like dentures or bridges. Unlike dental implants, bridges often have to be replaced, which adds to the initial cost of the treatment procedure over the long-term. The cost of dentures and all of the necessary supplies that go with them can also add up over time, as well as fall short of patient’s satisfaction.

The longstanding benefits of dental implants make the cost for this treatment procedure well worth it in the end. Your teeth are such an important part of not only your health, but also your confidence and well-being. Not only will you restore your teeth, but you will restore your self-confidence, appearance, and ability to eat, speak and participate in activities you enjoy once again.

Our staff is happy to help go over any insurance coverages that would apply to dental implants, as well as financing and payment options available at our office. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and determine the best payment plan for you!

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