Patient Testimonials

In the early 1990′s, I was made aware that I needed surgery on the gums in my entire mouth due to periodontal disease. I was told that my General Dentist had overlooked the condition much too long. It was recommended that I meet with several Periodontists for a surgical plan to attack and correct this condition. When I met with Dr. Akef, he set forth a plan for surgery and was so very confident in his plan that I chose him to do the surgery. He did not think the surgery required was nearly as extensive as some of the other Periodontists. Dr. Akef made me feel very comfortable and confident in his hands. Many friends told me of how much pain they experienced during and after the same surgery. I had very little pain, due to Dr. Akef’s skill and methods. Since the completion of my surgery, I have been to Dr. Akef’s office every 3 months for cleaning and all of my other dental needs.

Dr. Akef’s primary focus is his patient and their individual condition and comfort. He performed only the required surgery, no more, no less. I have not had any other major problem resulting from the original condition. I have also telephoned Dr. Akef when I have had other dental problems. He has always fit me into his schedule immediately and has even helped me over the telephone when he has been unavailable, with the agreement that I be in his office bright and early on Monday morning. Even though I must go to another Dentist for general dentistry, I still feel as though I want to consult him before proceeding with a course of action. This is due to the fact that he has been correct in his diagnosis every time he has been consulted. A couple years ago, my husband needed to have an implant. There was no discussion as to who was going to perform the work. Dr. Akef was immediately telephoned for the appointment and, needless to say, that work was performed impeccably. Dr. Akef is a very talented, warm and caring Doctor who we would recommend first time, every time.


It is safe to say at age 62 I have had at least 50 years of experiences in one dentist chair or another. Dr. Jay Akef became my periodontist 15 years ago, and while sitting in his chair that first visit, something new and totally unexpected happened. When I opened my mouth for his examination, my head was not in the best position for Dr. Akef to see the offending tooth. He requested that I shift one way or another-lift my chin, open wider, or not so wide. I cannot remember that detail. But what I do remember is that, for the first time in my dental experience, the request was accompanied by the word “Please”. Never, in all my years, had I heard a dentist use that word. That is only one of many reasons for liking and whole-heartedly recommending Dr. Akef.

Dr. Akef is smart and thoughtful both in understanding the needs/problems of his patient and in strategizing how best to deal with them. Dr. Akef is current on the latest technology and techniques and his office and equipment are proof of that. Dr. Akef is extremely talented with his hands- a trait most desirable in a surgeon. He has the brain power to think on his feet if something unexpected might present itself- another trait you would want in someone operating inside your mouth. He remains calm, kind and steady presence throughtout his procedures. One need never worry when sitting in his chair.

Dr. Akef’s support staff are no less a match for his fine dentistry. They are also kind, helpful and extremely competent. Don’t get me wrong, going to the dentist is one of my least favority activities. But it is always nice to see Barbara (she’s really good at keeping the office running) when I come through the door.

Fifteen years later, Dr. Akef still says “Please”, which in itself, speaks volumes.